Thursday, July 17, 2014

Past-Life Identities

The debate of whether people can recall their past lives or not has always been a complicated one; this stems from reincarnation, the religious concept that the soul begins a new journey through life in a new body after biological death. There are many stories about people who can remember their past lives, but one article really stood out to me. This article is about a three year old boy who remembers his own murder in his previous life; the boy lead the elders of his ethnic group to the site of his own body, where his skull was found with a split down the middle. Before the body was found, the boy had told his elders he was murdered with an ax, which was uncovered in another location near the body. I find this article very interesting, and I hope you all do as well.

See book: Chapter 6.2, Page 160


  1. Hi Laura, I found this article as interesting as you did. Its interesting to think that some people actually have the ability to see and remember who they may have been in a past life and their experiences that they had, such as being murdered like in the article.

    -Jeff Wicks

  2. I was honestly mind blown by this article when I read it. After reading this section of the textbook, I can't see how any of the explanations given can explain what happened to this 3 year old boy, and how he knew who his previous life's murderer was, where his previous body was, and where the murder weapon was located. Hypnotizing a subject is believed to be one way to find out about the person's past life, but no where in this article does it say the 3 year old boy was hypnotized to get the information. The textbook also discusses how the subject can be influenced by the experimenter or the person trying to obtain the information about the subject's past life experiences. Because the Druse culture believes birthmarks are death wounds from a previous life, the child could have been told that the mark on his forehead meant he had a death blow to the head in his previous life, and if he wanted to please his elders, he could have just told them that he was killed with an axe. Any child could make that up if he had seen an axe before in his life and was lead to believe his birthmark was a death wound. How the boy was able to figure out which village he used to live in, how he knew the first and last name of his murderer, how he identified the murderer by face, how he found his old body, and how he found the axe are questions I don't even have the slightest idea how to answer.