Monday, July 28, 2014

Ouija Boards and Paranormal Activity

Ouija boards, also known as spirit or talking boards, are used by many today to communicate with spirits. It is said that spirits move players hand around the board to deliver a message. My family is very religious, especially my grandparents, and I have always been told to stay away from this game because playing it shows belief in witchcraft. Many people are afraid to use these boards because of the many horror stories that users have shared. According to some, this game can release demonic spirits that stay with you and haunt you, especially if you don't play by the rules. 
However, I don't believe any of that to be true, or at least I didn't. My friends and I always used to play with the ouija board and nothing ever happened. You could always tell that someone in the group was pushing the planchette (the heart shaped piece that everyone touches) around the board, so I was never afraid or a believer. That is until about a year and a half ago. Two winters ago my boyfriend was in a bad accident with a man on a bicycle. This man swerved into the middle of the road, two feet in front of my boyfriend and his two friends. Unfortunately, this man was hit by the car and later on ended up passing away. A few months after this, my sister and I wanted to play with my Ouija board and my boyfriend refused to play. He basically ran out of the house when we mentioned it. I could not believe that he was afraid of a stupid little game. Come to find out, my boyfriend and the two friends he was in an accident with played with a Ouija board the night before their accident. All of them believe the accident happened because they played with the ouija board and messed with spirits. I'm not sure I believe that the accident happened because they played with the ouija board or that it just happens to be a bad coincidence but I am more reluctant to play the game since.


  1. I think an experience like that has to be a coincidence. Just think...he could have played a week before, a week after, maybe even a month after the accident, and he still probably would have related the game back to the accident. I totally understand why you feel the way you do though! It seems kinda freaky, but being in an accident is extremely stressful...physically, emotionally, and mentally. When you are in that state of mind, you are definitely more susceptible to believing in some type of pseudoscience. I wrote a post about Long Island Medium, and she always talks to people who have dealt with the loss of a loved one. When you are so vulnerable, you might go to lengths to believe in things that might help you feel comforted or help you explain a strange situation. Really interesting post...glad you shared your experience!

  2. I believe it was a horrible coincidence, but ouija boards have been associated with some a lot of paranormal hauntings, especially ones that involve the demonic. When playing the board you are not only trying to communicate with spirits, but you are opening a "doorway" if you will, to let them into your home, your life, and your dreams. I have read books, and watched documentaries on hauntings and specifically demonic hauntings and almost every time there is a serious haunting to the point where a demonologist and a priest are called, it all started with the daughter/son playing with a ouija board.

  3. That is tragic but probably a coincidence. I had my own experience with this board. Like you, I wasn't sold on it working but after one time playing with it changed my mind on them completely. I blogged about my experience earlier but it left me shaken. Did the board work? Could have just been our imagination but the feeling I had after use will never go away.