Monday, July 28, 2014

OBE's in recent movies

Recently, I have noticed a common theme in a few movies where the main character has and OBE. Two of those movies are Heaven is for Real and If I Stay. In Heaven is for Real, which is based on a true story and book, the main character, Colton Burpo, has an OBE while he is in emergency surgery. This four year old boy says that while he was out of his body he saw where and what each of his parents were doing and that he met his great grandfather and baby sister who died during a miscarriage. He then goes on to say that he went to Heaven and met Jesus and God. I find this little boy's story to be unbelievably amazing. Attached are the movie trailer and an interview he and his dad has on Fox news.
Additionally, another movie (which hasn't come out yet) that deals with the main character having and OBE is If I Stay. The main character, Mia Hall, gets into a fatal car accident with her family, who end up dying. While she is in a coma, fighting for her life, Mia has an OBE and sees everyone and everything that is happening around her. She sees the mangled car and her parents dead bodies. When she goes to look for her brother she sees her own body and wonders if she is actually dead. The paramedics arrive and she sees them rush her and her brother to the hospital. She follows them all the way there and watches as the doctors aid her. As she watches her family and boyfriend come in and out to visit, Mia has to make her own life or death decision, whether she is going to die or wake up and live a life that will never be the same. I have also attached the trailer for this movie.

Heaven is for Real Trailer:
Heaven is for Real Interview on Fox:

If I Stay Trailer:

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  1. I just watched Heaven is for Real the other night with my mom and was thinking of making a post about it!

    Throughout the movie, I was skeptical about believing Colton's story because I had already read the section of the textbook about people who experience OBEs. When Colton told his dad about seeing his own body on the operating table, saw his parents in different rooms, his dad yelling at God, his mom talking on the phone, describing Jesus' horse, talking about how the angels sang, and describing Jesus, I was skeptical of it having been real. There's no way to prove anything of what Colton described in Heaven, and as for seeing what his parents were doing during his surgery, similar to what the psychologist Tod talks to in the movie told him, I didn't think it would be far fetched for his parents to be calling others asking to pray for their son or his dad being angry with God. Even when Tod showed Colton the photograph of Tod's grandfather, I was hesitant to believe Colton. Colton said that no one was old in Heaven, so he wasn't able to ID a photo of Tod's grandfather when he was old. However, the way the interaction is portrayed in the movie, Tod goes up to Colton with an young picture of "Pop" and asks if this is him, and Colton confirms it. In the interview you posted a link to, Tod says he got a young picture of his grandfather, and as soon as Colton sees it, he says that's who he saw in Heaven. How this interaction is portrayed in the movie is too suggestive on Tod's part for me to fully believe Colton. He asks Colton if this is "Pop" instead of showing Colton the photo and asking who the person is, which I think would have been a less suggestive way to do it.
    The scene of the movie that really made me start to believe Colton's story is when Colton tells his mom that he met his sister in Heaven. His sister was a miscarriage I believe, and according to the movie, the parents did not know the sex of the baby. It was news to them when Colton said that he had another sister.
    My mom and I had a lengthy discussion after the movie about whether or not his story was real. Neither of us could decide if we believe the story or not. I would like an explanation for how else Colton could have known about his other sister because neither of us could come up with one.