Saturday, July 26, 2014

Out of body experiences

An out of body experience is when someone feels they are essentially leaving their body and are able to look at themselves from the outside. After looking through the lecture about out of body experiences, I was discussing it with my family. My uncle shared with me an odd experience he had when he was younger. He remembers standing over his own body watching himself sleep. He thought of it as more of a dream, but after reviewing out of body experiences, this sounds like a very similar episode. Out of body experiences can be controversial; however, there is a large quantity of people who fully believe these experiences are real. There is even a website for the 'Out of Body Experience Research Foundation'. The link to that site is

It's a very informative site if you're interested in learning more about out of body experiences. There's even a link through the site that people can post their own experiences. It's intriguing to see how many people experience this.

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  1. I had a buddy that had the same experince has your uncle did in Afghanistan. He said he was doing the same thing standing over his body. He use todo a lot of wierd stuff when he slept but I think it was because of the milarria pills that we had to take. We had the weirdest dreams on them. I wonder if your uncle or other people that had these experiences were on medicine to cause it or think it