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Multiple Personality Disorder also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder is a very dangerous Disorder which is why i took an interest into this because many people believe that this is a real disorder while many more believe that this disorder is caused by witchcraft. Multiple Personality Disorder; a severe condition in which two or more personalities/ identities take control of one individual. After the difference identity has taken control of the body/mind there seems to be memory loss that is substantial. Modern day research has found that MPD can be caused by traumatic time in a persons childhood. It is believed that these personalities are created as an escape from a traumatic time during childhood, the individual is better off thinking that the incidents happened to someone else or in this case their different identity. In the movie Sybil based on a true story we see a normal middle-aged woman who lives by herself, not to long into the movie we see that she has been abused  during her childhood. Sybil takes on 16 different personalities, all of them have different living situations, different ages and different genders. It is believed that Sybil created these identities due to her therapist naming her different emotional conditions. Although in the movie it is stated that Sybil was bused as a child, In the movie Me Myself and Irene Charlie the main character was not abused or had traumatic times during his childhood. Charlie had a good personality until someone would push his limits then his other identity Hank Evans would take over. Doctors now don't know anymore wether MPD reflects to childhood trauma or is just a pseudoscience social phenomenon. As you can see in both movies there are different cases which have many times showed up in real life, you can see how different the circumstances can be wether the patient has from 2 up to 16 identities and how their childhoods were different in the sense that one went through traumatic times and one did not. People with Multiple Personality Disorder have to be taken care of in special hospitals with special treatments and special nursing. In many other cases people believe that MPD or DID is associated with witchcraft or a bad has taken over a person/ a persons mind.
Before the movie Sybil there were no more than 200 cases reported after the movie came out there were tens of thousands cases reported making this disease harder to track. Were the people that repotted having MPD after the movie Sybil faking? Close relatives of people who  from MPD sometimes have never seen these alter egos although the person with MPD says that they do have alter egos. Many people after entering MPD treatment would get much worse. There are no answers as to why someone would fake having this disease and if anyone actually has. People have questioned how someone could keep track or 2,16,30 sometimes up to 4,00 or more alter egos. People have diagnosed for MPD for changing clothes various times a day and wearing sunglasses. For many years a plain answer as to how to recognize, so how can we actually say that so many people have MPD when we don't have a concrete way to recognize an alter ego. If you look in the book on ch.1, pg.5 it states "Pseudoscientists often make extraordinary claims that are unconstrained by reality, physical laws, or human limitations. However, they back these claims up with little or no complain publicly verifiable evidence." Although these claims have been backed up with many cases and with many resources how can we be sure that these sources are reliable when there were less than 200 cases discovered before the movie Sybil, which may have caused someone to think they have MPD. In the end we need to wait for more medical and science advances in order to know the causes and effects of this disorder.

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Me Myself & Irene:


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  1. It is so difficult to discuss mental disorders and relate it back to pseudoscience! I personally think that MPD probably is the result of suggestive therapy and poor treatment, and it is clear that there has not been enough medical or psychological science research to back up the existence of this disorder. However, mental illnesses are diseases as much as physical illnesses are diseases. Even though the research has not been done yet, I think it is important to do, whether or not the conclusion is that MPD exists or does not exist as a mental condition.