Monday, July 21, 2014

EL Chupacabra

I would like to give you a little bit more on that idea of the creature called EL Chupacabra (goat sucker).  Well if you do not know already let us breakdown the meaning of the word.  Chupar means suck and cabra means goat, this is a legendary creature that inhabits parts of the Americas, but first reported to be seen and noticed on the small island of Puerto Rico.  It got its name from the attacking of livestock and drinking of their blood especially goats.  This creature was supposedly first sighted in March of 1995 and its myth and legend has been reported as far south of Chile and far north Maine.

When first reported in Puerto Rico eight goats were attacked with each one having 3 puncture wounds in the chest area and drained of all their blood.  Soon after visual sightings were being reported of this creature.  After this more and more livestock were found killed and drained of their blood.  Some people on the island blamed it on the Chupacabra while others believed it was part of a Satanic Cult.  Now more sightings and animals were being reported throughout the Americas.  In the United States Biologist Barry O'Connor stated that these attacks were not that of the Chupacabra but that of coyotes infected with a parasite, that explained how people could have mistaken infected coyotes with that of the creature the Chupacabra.  The coyotes appearance would have little fur, thickened skin, and a horrible odour.  With coyotes having this infection it would possibly have put them in a weaken state reason why they attacked livestock more because they were easier prey.

As you can see how this creature has become part of our badly made but funny movies.  Of course this is not the only movie made regarding this creature.  It just shows how a possible sighting from someone can go to stir up our ideas and thoughts.

Even though the first reported attack was introduced not to long ago many individuals have seen, taken pictures, and actually have video footage of the Chupacabra.

As we can seen many images have been taken of this creature and we can only wonder how real or fake they are but there have been video evidence also.  

I believe this all falls under the idea of Social Psychology and how a small myth can stir into something much larger. At first this just seem to be an isolated thing but it grew to become something much more.  It just shows how people can fall to mass delusions and hysterias.  I will say unlike bigfoot there is more evidence supporting the Chupacabra but also scientific thoughts on what it really could be.  

In my final thoughts I personally do not believe in a blood sucking goat attacker.  I do feel it is more possible for an infected animal to do these things or just a really ugly dog that lives in the wild, but it just solely ingesting blood with out any other food source is hard for me to believe.  You might as well say it is Dracula's pet dog running around doing these things.  

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