Sunday, July 27, 2014

10% myth of our brains

The big myth is that we only 10 percent of the human brain. Is this true? They are making movies saying it so it must be true right? In fact, this is the biggest myth ever and people actually believe it. I use to believe it because it was in movies and everyone else says it, so why not believe it. They made a movie Limitless years ago stating that myth and a guy takes a pill and had major access to his brain making him super smart. This new movie coming out called Lucy is about a woman who is gaining more power to her brain and is getting smart where she is figuring out new things to do like stop time.

We actually use every part of the brain and the brain functions all the time even when we sleep. The brain actually takes up 3 precent of the human body weight and uses up 20 percent of the bodies energy. It was says humans actually use 100 percent of the brain through a whole day. So with research  through out the past 20 years, why do people still believe that we only use 10 percent of it? 

People probably believe this still because when someone talks about thats the first thing they lern or heard somewhere. The brain is complex and doctors and scientist only understand about 10 percent of it so that has a factor in it too. With a little research people can easily find the answer to this myth and making something that people believe is false. here is a link to an article that explains why the myth bis false. enjoy!


  1. I agree with how you said the 10% theory is commonly believed, just as you said you once believed it, because it's also commonly pushed and talked about. And I saw that movie as well, it was great! Imagine if we were only using 10% of our brains how much more would be possible.. would it be a scary thing or a good thing? Would we really be able to achieve telepathy and such? I personally do not believe this claim either, I see it more as a factoid. You should look at my recent post about a neurosurgeon's whole cortex shutting down. I wish I remembered more from my psychology class when we studied the human brain. Such an unbelievable thing really.

  2. It seems to be like one of those "I read it online so it has to be true" type of theories. Its crazy to think about what could actually be possible if we were only using 10% of our brain and we somehow figured out how to unlock the rest. Once the brain is more understood, maybe they'll have a more definitive answer for how much of our brain we actually use.

  3. The 10% myth seems to have survived countless generations. It is still amazing to me that so many people truly believe they only use 10% of their brains (maybe the people that believe this really do only use 10% of their brains!). There is so much information about the human brain that now shows us we utilize much more than 10% of it. It is scary to think of what our world would be like if we only had limited access to our brain's ability. People will believe whatever they read on the internet without their being proof to back it up.