Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I've always been interested in the topic of dreams and what they really mean. A few months ago my grandmother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and put on hospice almost immediately. My father stayed by her side day and night, until she passed two weeks ago. The night after she passed, my dad dreamed that he was right there in her living room (the same spot he was sleeping that night), and he woke up to her sitting next to him on the edge of the couch. Behind him, his brother who had passed away years ago was sitting there also, but he couldn't see him. His mother handed him a box with a balloon tied to it; inside the box there were gift cards and money. After she handed him the box she went to give him a hug; when he went towards her she disappeared and he woke up. This dream was really interesting to me, and when I looked it up each piece of the dream has a different meaning. For instance, his brother being there with him shows a sense of companionship. I feel that this is important because losing his mother is a time that he needed his brother by his side. The balloon being tied to the box represents an ability to "rise above it all", which is significant to the long journey of battling cancer. I used a website given in our lecture to interpret the dream called mydreamvisions.com.

Here is the link to the site: http://mydreamvisions.com/

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  1. Hi Jaimee. I, too, have always been interested in interpreting my dreams and trying to get to the core of what they really mean and why I had them. Hearing about your dad's dream reminded my of my own that I sometimes have about my grandmother. She, too, passed from lung cancer. I was about ten years old when she passed and was never told the details of what actually happened. Since then, every so often, I have dreams of her, but in every one of them I am with her in the hospital as she is dying. I can't help but to think that these dreams happen because I am still curious as to how everything played out. I'll definitely have to give that website a try.

    -Amanda Bragg