Thursday, July 24, 2014


Who drill a hole in their head? I honestly never heard of trepanation in my life until I started this class. Doe this actually work? After I read about this and watch the video in the lectures about this, I started reading and trying to find videos about this. Most people that get it done is for depression. Looking into this drilling a hole in the head thing, it is popular around the world and goes way back hundreds and thousands years. It just mind boggles me that some people actually did this themselves. People that did do this for multiple reasons like depression, headaches, for a high, or even to release evil. I don't know how well it works for that but thinking about i would imagine i would have more headaches and be more depressed because I am walking around with a hole in my head and have people looking at me funny. A lot of the videos I watch people seem to be drug users or hippies back in the day. The african people still do this procedure and so do people around the world. In our country I don't think it is legal but in some others I think it is. They say some doctors tried to research it but nothing is certain. If it was reliable and certain everybody would be doing it for there illness they have and be legal everywhere right? Trepanation Is suppose to release pressure and have more blood to flow to the brain. Thats what i got out of it. ABove is a link to some lady that is doing research on it and did it herself I thought is was somewhat interesting Enjoy.


  1. I also find this concept very interesting. I don't understand how someone could possibly feel better by having a hole drilled into their skull. Maybe they are too focused on the pain from the procedure to think about their depression?? I honestly believe that this procedure works like the placebo effect, that people only believe it works and think that it relieves their pain, when in reality it has actually done nothing for them but put a huge hole in their head. Also, I can't imagine the recovery process from such a procedure, probably includes high risk for infections and some powerful drugs to subdue the pain (possibly another reason someone who has had this procedure thinks their depression, headaches, etc is gone). Just a thought!

    Amanda Bragg

  2. You said that some people do this for the high. Think of it as a tattoo. The needle feels like it is burning your skin, yet people keep going back for more. The sensation begins to feel like a high and you start to crave it. I got my first tattoo in August, and since then I have gone back for two more, with my fourth one coming on Monday. I understand why some people look towards trepanation for the high,however absurd it may be.

    Laura Caruso

  3. I feel like I can understand trepanation as a more historic practice; however, I don't see how it is relevant in modern "medicine". I find it interesting that doctors even research it to find the benefits, if any, of this procedure. I also find it to be horrifying that people perform this on themselves. I do find it to be a very interesting topic for research though.