Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sailor Lore and Superstitions.

There are many superstitions when it comes to sailing and being on a boat.  So many that I don't know how sailors got anything accomplished.  Your not even supposed to set sail on certain days such as; Friday, because Jesus was crucified on a Friday.  Some people say you shouldn't set sail on a Thursday either because that is Thor's day and he is the Norse god of thunder and lightning.  Never sail on the first Monday in April, that is the day that Cain killed Abel.  Last but not least, the second Monday in August is when the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.  There are so many more to name and explain but I'll just make a quick list of my favorite I have found:
Avoid Red Heads before boarding.
Never have bananas on board.
Never whistle on a boat.
Lurking shark=inevitable death
There are so many more Superstitions when it comes to sailing, Royal Caribbean cruise line even has a list on their web page of them. (Royal Caribbean Superstitions) Not to mention the hundred other websites.  For whatever reason all different cultures have their quirky superstitions, but after reading a few articles sailors are probably some of the most superstitious people you will ever come across.

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