Friday, February 7, 2014

Reflexology - "Pseudo Science or Psychic Healing?"

This website has a bunch of different articles on various methods of "healing". The one I want to focus on is Reflexology - a type of massage that using pressure points (most commonly in your feet) that can help relieve stress and even cure minor illnesses.

The article on this website talks about the origins of Reflexology; apparently first recorded in Egypt in 2330BC. This specific method claims a) to have a specific impact on a specific organ or body part through the reflective principle, b) improve circulation and c) generally relieve pain and being emotionally beneficial - according to the website. Apparently this form of healing was used once that the author of this article found in the form of a case study. The results however concluded that Reflexology may have benefits to it - however, so would any sort of foot massage. So, is "Reflexology" the natural healer, or does getting a relaxing foot massage of any sort generally just relieve your stress enough that you start to feel better?

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