Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Area 51

In the middle of the Nevada Desert sits Nellis Air Force Base which covers approximately 11,300 acres of land. On this base approximately 80 miles outside of Las Vegas sits a well know yet little known about area called Groom Lake, or more commonly Area 51. Paranormal enthusiasts have come up with many theories about this area which include government conspiracies, ailen research, and UFO's associated with this. The Top Secret/Compartment ed Information designation of operations at Area 51 make it even more inviting for these paranormal theories. People have reported seeing bright lights and UFOs coming out of the area north of Las Vegas, as well as disappearances of people trying to gain access to the base. Up until 2013 the federal government never acknowledged the existence of this place. Acting upon a freedom of information act request, the CIA formally acknowledged the existence of the base and declassified some documents detailing its history, which includes spy plane testing such as the Oxcart program which was a predecessor to the SR-71 Blackbird used during the cold war. While most people will never get on the base or even get near the site due to the strict security and the fact that it sits next to an Atomic weapon test range. I have been less than 10 miles away, didn't see or hear anything, and am still here to tell the tale.


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