Thursday, February 6, 2014

Q-Ray vs. Phiten Titanium Necklaces

After learning about the Q-Ray band in class, it closely reminded me of Phiten titanium necklaces. While the Q-Ray claims to produce well being, positive energy, balance, traditional Chinese medicine, while relieving pain, the Phiten titanium necklaces also claims certain similar traits. Regulating your body's bioelectric current, overall wellbeing, athletic performance, increased body energy levels are just some benefits that the Phiten titanium necklaces claim.

"Phiten necklaces are made of titanium because this is a metal that conducts electricity well. The idea is that stiff muscles and fatigue may be caused by disruptions in the flow of you body's bioelectric current. Bioelectric current just refers to the small amount of electricity running through your body (for example, nerves transmitting sensations or neurons firing synapses to process thoughts). As the claim goes, placing these pieces of titanium on the body will stabilize your current, thus helping your body run better."

You can often see athletes, mostly baseball players, wearing these to enhance their performance. Now do these really work? Phiten titanium necklaces are claimed to be safe, yet the FDA does not recognize the therapeutic traits that Phiten claims, Just like the Q-Ray. Phiten, Q-Ray and companies alike can still make these claims since approval of the FDA is not required to market product like these.

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