Monday, February 10, 2014

One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out

Baseball players, managers and fans are known to be the more superstitious than all other sports.  Routines, good luck charms and skill can all be chalked up into this category. If a player has a hot streak they will do everything in their power to make sure it continues. Some players even name their bats. In addition, wearing the same clothes or eating the same food are very widely used superstitions with players and fans.
There are some weird superstitions held by some well-known baseball players. Jason Giambi wears a gold thong when he needs help getting out of a slump.  Wade Boggs begins practice at exactly 5:17 on days he is playing a night game and during warm ups he would take 150 grounders, no more no less. Turk Wendell is one of the more superstitious players in baseball. For instance, he will never touch the foul line, he would always pitch with black licorice in his mouth, and when he played with a certain team he would wear the same necklace. Mark McGuire wore the same protective cup that he wore in high school during every game. Richie Ashburn would sleep with his bat. Many more superstitions exist but those are just a few. The superstitions can almost be like a self-fulfilling prophecy because they believe in these routines to such a large extent.

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