Monday, February 10, 2014

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle is an area of water where mysterious disappearances of ships and planes have occurred. The triangles location is from three points, they are from Bermuda, to the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the coast of Miami, Florida and back to Bermuda. There are many different beliefs as to what causes these disappearances such as a vortex that leads to different dimensions, alien abductions, the lost continent of Atlantis, sea creatures and many other beliefs. People believe these assumptions because many of the disappearances are just that, they were never found, no wreckage or sign of the planes or ships. Creating these supernatural beliefs gives us a reason for these mysterious tragedies because we have no other way of explaining what has happened.

But Science tries to find other, more logical reasoning as to why these planes and ships disappeared.
According to science there are environmental considerations that can account for the disappearances such as hurricanes, the Gulf Stream which can cause major changes in the weather and has a strong current. Another reason for ships to have such issues is the amount of islands in the Caribbean Sea, the shallow waters can be tragic for ships. The U.S.Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard speak from experience and logic that there is no supernatural reason for what happens out at sea. It is due to uncontrollable weather conditions and human errors. They also say that there is no distinct pattern outlining the triangle and to support that the U.S. Board of Geographic Names does not acknowledge the triangle and has no files on it.

For people that are constant visitors of the ocean and the air, like the Navy for example study everything they can to know about the areas they will be exploring to. The same goes for pilots, they know the potential threats, they know about the weather and the strength of certain parts of the ocean. They see such tragedies
of planes and ships crashing. But as for people that know little to nothing about this body of water and people that do not track weather are going to have an easier time believing that supernatural creatures and vortexes are a possible cause for the disappearances.

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