Saturday, February 8, 2014

Playoff Beard Superstition

In honor of hockey season and the playoffs only a couple of months away, I thought it was fitting to talk about one of the biggest hockey superstitions of all time: the playoff beard. The trend began in the 1980s when the New York Islanders won four consecutive Stanley Cups. The players of the Islanders stopped shaving their beards as soon as they made it into the post season. They believed that this was one of the reasons they won four Stanley Cups. Other teams and fans jumped on the playoff beard bandwagon after hearing about this hockey superstition. It has become customary for all teams and fans to show-off their beard during the playoffs.

The playoff beard superstition relates back to the Q-ray bracelet that we discussed in class. Athletes believe that by not shaving when entering the post season will bring them luck in winning the big game. Athletes who wore the Q-ray bracelet (like the track runner in the commercial) believed that they won by wearing the bracelet.

Regardless of whether or not the playoff beard brings good luck to the Stanley Cup playoffs, it is a tradition that will be a part of hockey forever.

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