Friday, February 7, 2014

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

In the 1970s the Apollo program hosted many Moon landings that changed the course of history due to the fact that something like that had never been perceived of ever being accomplished. It showed great insight on how technology could help humans advance and perhaps explore the universe even further. There was just one problem.  Apparently, many people and witnesses claim that the Apollo program was a series of faked moon landings. Conspiracy theorists claimed that NASA and others purposely faked the landings to have the public believe the landings actually happened by tampering with evidence and witnesses.
Some of the theories for the possible motives of such acts were "The Space Race," funding, and the Vietnam War. When the U.S. was in the Cold War versus the Soviet Union they needed a way to get ahead, so faking a moon landing could easily show dominance. Funding was another theory because NASA raised $30 billion dollars to go to the moon and this helped the government possibly pay off many people. The moon landings could have posed as a distraction from the Vietnam War, since the landings suddenly ended about the same time that the U.S. ended its role in the war.

This site shows evidence in different pictures that could show why the landings may have been faked

This site shows the full summary of the different elements involved in the conspiracy

It is a very interesting topic that can be categorized as pseudoscience. As we all know we do have satellites in space, so our technology obviously allows us to get into space, but during the time period of the moon landings there are many compelling factors that suggest that the landings could have been a hoax.

The landings were real for very important reasons. The Soviet Union did not dispute the landings during the Cold War, which would have been immense politically if they denounced it as fake.  The rock samples found were 100% non terrestrial, so could not have been faked. Obviously after the landings many satellites and trips have been performed.  Also, the technology to successfully fake the landings in the pictures, evidence, etc, was not advanced enough to forge such things. 

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