Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sneezing Myths

If you have noticed, most likely through out your whole life, you've heard the expression "God bless you" or "bless you" usually after ever sneeze. And if you didn't hear it, it was somehow taken offense to not getting such a reply back, maybe because back then it became a customary law to all to do so. To begin with, all the way back into 1348 AD, during the time of the Death Black plague, sneezing was a sign of the sick and infected and saying the expression would help bring a stop to the plague. In the Roman times, it was told that sneezing would release your soul to the world, and holding it in would have been some kind of internal struggle. Today, we say it because it shows mannerism, and we are slighty look down upon for not saying it.  But those are only a couple stories behind the infamous expression, and there are so much more. I say God bless you because I was raised to say it, and it is in my culture to say such a phrase. And being as though I am religious, I am going to continue to say it, or I will get that "hello, I just sneezed, look".

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