Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I learned about this absolutely ridiculous "art of finding hidden things" called Dowsing, last semester in my Criminal Theory class. Dowsers use dowsing sticks or rods that help move them in the direction of things they are looking for, usually water. Dowsing dates back to "at least 8,000 years ago"in ancient China and Egypt, and even "experienced dowsers" are not really sure how it works. This whole concept of being lead to water from rods mystically bending in your hands is completely and utterly fake. There is no legitimate, scientific data or research confirming any of these dowsing claims, and the fact that even pros don't really know how it works only discredits the theory even more. In my Criminal Theory class we watched a documentary where a scientist went out and confronted many psuedoscientific beliefs, dowsing being one in particular. Dowsers are so deeply brained washed into thinking they possess some kind of skill or power, it is almost borderline religious. They even have their own American Society of Dowsers Inc. If you are interested in this charade, here are a few links. This relates to our class because we have talked about many false claims in health, remedies and products.

  American Society of Dowsers Inc.
About Dowsing

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