Friday, July 6, 2012

Selective Memory Problems

        As defined by Thomas Gilovich a selective memory problem is "when people are more inclined to remember information about that fits their expectations than information at variance with their expectations." The example he gave was coming in second in a spelling bee because he spelled keep, c-e-e-p. Then later in life made him cringe at the sight of seeing the word keep on the side of a trash truck. 

         I know that I can relate to this "selective memory problem." These problems in my experiences seem to be more traumatic or embarrassing moments. If I was asked to say the first memory of grade school that popped into my mind, it would be my favorite doll being swallowed by the mascot, Philly Phanatic, and later returned to me after I saw him "eat" the doll. Today, I dislike the Philly Phanatic and get anxious when I see it.  
         The text explains that people are more likely to remember the things that they did not expect to happen or those things they did not want to happen. This is definitely true in my example. I have added an old but good video of the girl who ran onto a treadmill and immediately fell off. This girl probably can not look at a treadmill without thinking about that moment, especially since it was view by many people.       

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  1. I like your post - it reminded me of my first, second, third and fourth childhood memories. Each of these early childhood memories were traumatic events where I received emotional and/or physical pain. The first and second events were both emotionally and physically painful. The second was much more physically painful than emotionally painful. The third and fourth were emotionally painful Funny - my first good memory involves the consumption of processed sugar in the form of orange soda in a returnable bottle. lol