Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alien Abduction:

Alien abductions are, for the most part, a series of more or less unexplained but still possible events sparked by certain persons who believe to some extent they have been abducted by so called extraterrestrials and had things done to them. Do such things happen: maybe but this could also be a series of hallucinations brought upon by the human mind subjecting itself to its fears that something not of the world could just pop down and do things to them with no reprisal for doing so. While there is currently no way to disprove the reality of these claims, if any are even remotely true, there is also no way to prove them either. There could be people seeking fame or recognition for these first hand experience and use false evidence, made thanks to the hands of pseudoscience, to try and prove these claims.

When, if ever, there is a time we could prove these claims it is more than likely that a vast majority present today are fake. It is thanks to the masses of people who wish to find life beyond our sphere of influence seeking an answer that such deviants exist to take advantage of a simple hope, no matter how odd and misguided it could be. No one knows for sure if life doesn't exist outside our particular solar system but if there was life out there it could be doubted that they would make contact with just random persons through out the world, no way of proving this either but still this is outside the realm of probability.

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  1. There are so many different ways to look at these claims and every piece of these stories must be examined thoroughly. I agree with your part on people claiming abduction for fame but I was always confused to why some one would want to be claimed being abducted.