Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Intuitive Life Coach

An intuitive life coach is a type of holistic approach to counseling or psychic reading.  They look at negative thought patterns and use problem solving to create an approach to gaining control over your life.   Life coaches look at your situation, options, and guide you with encouragement.  They sound like psychologists, but they have no certification.  They base their coaching off of their intuitions. 

It is easy to fall for this type of pseudoscience, especially if they have mentioned something about your life which is extremely relevant. Some examples of the most popular topics talked about are:

  • Turmoil in relationships with family, friends, or lovers.
  • Quitting relationships/people. Quitting or changing Work/jobs often.
  • Blaming all your failures on others.
  • Feeling like people are purposely doing things to harm you in some way.
  • Feeling as if you have no control in your life.
  • Feeling plagued by “what if”, or “if only”.
  • Constant arguments with family, friends, neighbors, and lovers.
  • Being easily angered. 
Honestly, looking at the options, there aren't many things that most people don't experience.  Everyone normally has some sort of turmoil or feelings in their life, especially if you are going to a life coach.

I have had experience with a life coach who was also a psychic medium.  I really wanted to go for the medium portion of the experience.  Most of what I received was a life coach experience, and it was very inaccurate. 

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