Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charles Peden: Is He the Real Thing???

Charles Peden is a renowned psychic medium and animal communicator. He has helped thousands of pet owners communicate with their pets, dead and alive, and has also helped owners find lost pets. This miraculous man has a website full of testimony about how great his services were and how accurate he was in describing the animals he supposedly communicating with. Proof of his mind blowing powers can be seen in this video which was played on a local news station after Michael helped a woman find her lost dog.


So is Charles the great pet communicator he claims to be? Probably not. Science has yet to prove that humans can communicate with one another telepathically or by using electromagnetic energy. The same results exist in the case of humans trying to communicate with animals. Scientists have yet to find proof that animals can be contacted telepathically because the odds are pretty high that it cannot be done. Telepathically communicating with pets is just as much of a pseudoscience as telepathically communicating with human beings. The same cold reading methods that are used by supposed psychics that contact humans are often used by those who claim they can contact animals. For example, in the video where Milo was found, the dog's owner mentions two things that Charles Peden told her when he talked to her on the phone for less than an hour: he suggested Milo might be in a parking garage and he mentioned the number five. By stopping the video about seven seconds in one can see the city in which this took place was Chicago, a very large city with a lot of cars and hundreds of parking garages. The odds that a lost dog would run into a parking garage for shelter are pretty high in this situation, because most parking garages are wide open and it would be easy for a dog to slip right in. He also mentioned the number five. That number could have referred to anything: a number or a license plate, a building number, the floor of the garage (whether that floor be 5,15,25,50, etc.), and this list could go on forever. Charles was very vague in his description of where Milo might be located and used the owner's location to statistically suggest where the dog might be hiding and what his surroundings may have in them.

Charles knows how to hedge his bets too. On his website, it says: "only an animal that wishes to be recovered can be located." This is clearly a way for Charles to cover his neck in case his vague and ambiguous "predictions" don't lead to anything.

This is Charles Peden's website, I'll let you judge for yourself on whether or not he's the real thing or not. I hope after taking this course we'll all agree that he is not, and that what he, and all other animal psychics practice, is a clear definition of pseudoscience. 


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