Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Rorschach Test

If anyone has ever been to the psychologist and has been given a test using inkblots, they probably had a Rorschach Test. The Rorschach Test is the famous and infamous test that deems to be an x-ray of the mind.
Patients who are given this test are given 10 symmetrical inkblots, one at a time and are told to say what the blots make them think about. Every blot is made up of ten blots, 5 in color and 5 in black or gray. The images are given to the patient one at a time and can be turned in any direction to help the patient depict what they see.
Responses to the inkblots are said to reveal the aspects of a person's personality and mental health. This test was created by swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, who created this test in Europe. The inkblots, according to the backlash in the 1950's show no correlation between the inkblots and the mental health of a person. Personally, I feel that this test is boasted higher than what it actually promises to depict. The test deems to be the X-ray into the mind but not being able to figure out if someone is mentally healthy and if they are not. The test is what people make it out to be. Everyone will have a different opinion about this test.

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