Monday, July 9, 2012

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Also known as EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena is the recording of voices that are classified as "otherworldly" and is most popularly associated with ghosts, or individuals that are no longer living. Because of it's mystique and scarce factual evidence, the afterlife has been an object of intrique for centuries.  Reports of spiritual communication through technology date back to the beginning of our technical revolution. Attempts to do so have been made over the years that also incorporated the use of oracles, séances, mediums and psychics. Today, with a variety of electronic equipment at our disposal, there might be an easier, more effective way.

EVP is a term used to describe voices that appear on recording devices, for which there is no known scientific explanation. These spoken paranormal messages have appeared on just about everything that records, from tape recorders and computers to answering machines and cell phones. Although skeptics of these messages have come up with various possible explanations of what they could be, some individuals believe that this electronic resource can be a passageway into the exploration of the afterworld. Some EVP is more easy to hear than others and vary in gender, age and even tone/emotion. . EVP is not heard in real time, but is only heard when the recording is
played back. Because we have never received the same EVP at the same time on two separate recorders, we feel that EVP are not acoustical phenomena and that the messages are caused by the etheric communicators manipulating ambient audio frequency noise within the electronics of the recording device. 

The Validity of an EVP is largely up for interpretation. Depending on the individual and type of EVP evidence being presented, the susceptibility of belief is conveyed by the listener. Similar to the standards within our discussion of Bogus Theories in Chapter 2, I believe that EVP popularity is among individuals that hold different standards of belief and persuasion. Not only does EVP provide "spectacular results", such as communication with otherworldly beings, but it has an allure that is unconventional and claims no substantiating scientific proof for what is being recorded or presented. 

Below is a youtube video detailing an EVP recording. 

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