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Question: Since the beginning of time people have reported seeing white lights; dark shadows and or apparition of a ceased loved one.   Do you believe in ghost? And if so what is a ghost and what scientific evidence do we have concerning this matter?
Information: There are many theories and beliefs behind what a ghost is however many of us share the same belief.  A ghost is the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness
(Merriam Webster).  It is believed that some ghost for whatever reasons are unable to venture into the spirit realms.  This could be because they have unfinished business on earth passed away.  Or it could be because they passed away suddenly and/or tragically and do not understand or realize that their bodies are no longer alive
Experiment: In 1901, Massachusetts’s surgeon Dr. Duncan MacDougall decided to do an experiment; he attempted to prove the existence of the soul by weighing a person before, and right after, death.  He attached a scale to the hospital bed where the terminally ill patience’s laid awaiting their death.  The experiment was first tested on a man dying of tuberculosis.  According to MacDougall, "the instant life ceased, the opposite scale pan fell with a suddenness that was astonishing- as if something had been lifted from the body.  According to the surgeon, 21 grams was missing from the body.  MacDougall reproduced the experiment several more times. 
Inferences:  Does the proof the existence of the soul and therefore explain ghost on earth? For many yes however there is no scientific evidence to approve or disproof the existence of the soul till this day it remains a mystery therefore ghost also remains a mystery.  Much more research must be conducted to explain this mysterious phenomenal.
Point of View: I do believe in the human soul and believe that upon death the soul travels to a different place.  If I believe in the human soul than I have to believe in ghost because ghost are no other than human’s soul trapped on earth. The experiment performed by Dr. Duncan MacDougall is fascinating in that it shows how upon death something had been lifted from the body.  In time maybe science will be able to conduct more research regarding this matter and approve of the existences of the human soul however until that time people make their own set of belief regarding this matter.  

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  1. While having a belief in the human soul is an admirable philosophic view, proposing the soul can manifest in an incorporeal form on this plain is.... well I myself can't justifiably criticize this belief so just gonna say good post.