Wednesday, July 11, 2012


For those of you who do not know, chakras, or "wheels of light," are energy centers that lie within all of us. There are 7 main ones, and hundreds of other chakras throughout our entire bodies. Albert Einstein in his Law of Conservation of Energy stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it just continues on, and we as humans at the base of our bodies vibrate on an energetic level. Energy is easy to feel; have you ever walked into a room and gotten what people call a "bad vibe?" This is simply you being affected by other peoples' energy. So why is there an argument over their existence?
Many people think that chakras are simply holistic nonsense. However, if it was such nonsense, I do not think that chakra healing would still be around today, seeing as it dates back to as early as the second century B.C. Chakras were also mentioned in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu books of knowledge. They are also talked about by 10th century mystic Guru Goraknath who wrote in the Gorakshashatakam about awakening these energy centers through meditation. They have also been mentioned and discussed in numerous other books including "Northern Mysteries and Magick," "Wheels of Light," and The Cudamini Upanishad.
According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine, "The chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of a higher vibrational nature so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body." Each of the 7 chakras is tied with a different organ based on its location in the body, as well as with certain emotions and mental states. It is said that imbalances or blockages in the chakras are the causes behind illnesses, both physical and mental.
The 7 main chakras are as follows. The root chakra lies at the base of the spine, is the color red, and is associated with basic life survival. The sacral chakra is just above that and is orange, associated with emotions. The solar plexus chakra lies within the stomach region, is yellow, and is associated with a person's ego and sense of self. The heart chakra lies above the chest, is green and is associated with a person's ability to love and be loved. The throat chakra clearly is located on the throat, is blue, and is associated with the ability to communicate and speak your mind, as well as the ability to listen to others. The third eye chakra is located between the eyes, is indigo, and has to do with a person's intuition. Finally, the crown chakra lies on top of the head, is violet, and is associated with spirituality, higher consciousness, and a person's connection to the Divine.
Chakra healing involves a holistic healer who specializes in energy medicine to balance all of the chakras. They are trained to be able to tell which chakras are closed, blocked, or spinning in the wrong direction. This works through meditation and channeling healing energy. The healer can see what the problem is, and whether it is emotional or physical. This usually can be done within an hour long appointment, and the client usually leaves feeling much more balanced and even with a slight weight lifted off of their shoulders.
Many people believe that chakras are a hoax and that holistic medicine does not work. For one, science has actually proven that the presence of an aura (Energy field that surrounds our bodies as well as plants and animals/ all living things). Kirlian photography is capable of capturing the auras, proving their existence. We are all just energy, and are affected by different forms of energy whether it be our surroundings, the food we eat, or other people. I am in no way negating the use of modern medicine; I believe there is a place for everything. However, I do believe that chakra healing works. Clearly if a person is in dire need of medical attention due to a severe trauma, taking them to an ER is the obvious choice to make. But for someone who maybe feels that they have low self esteem, have issues expressing themselves, or have chronic back pain, for example, they should give energy healing a try. As I  said in my reiki post, what is the harm that can occur? Either it is not the treatment for you and you move on with your life, or maybe you will surprise yourself. If there is a place in the world for modern medicine, then it is only fair that holistic and alternative medicine get a place, too.

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