Saturday, February 13, 2010

Videogames and My Eyes

My Mom always said to me that watching too much TV and playing too many video games will hurt my eyes. So she would always limit my time with both. As I got older I continued to follow her advice because I never had any problems with my eyes and I continued to have 20/20 eyesight. But I also started to noticed as I got older that my friends moms never told them to only play their video games for a little while or else their eyes would start to hurt. That was when I began to question what my mom always told me, because none of my friends had any eye problems.
You always see different articles in the news about how staring too long at the TV was bad for your eyes. So you always make sure that you don't sit too close to the TV or play your video games four hours and hours on end. But finally there are studies that show playing your video games can actually help out your eyes (Web MD). According to the articles I read recent studies show that when children play video games for extended periods of time it can actually help their hand eye coordination and improve their eyesight. This increase in eyesight helps the most with children and when their eyesight is not 20/20.
Finally a study that answers my life long question and proves that what my mother always told me is not true! Now that I am older and am on my own I can play my games as much as I want and I can tell anyone who says anything about it that I am improving my eyesight. And when I have children I`ll make sure that I let them play as much as they want to!

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