Friday, February 19, 2010

Crystal Healing

Crystal healers allege that gemstones carry "vibrational rates" and that when placed within your aura your vibrational rate changes as well. It is suggested that simply wearing high quality round beads around the neck can have significant benefits, but healers warn that if metal surrounds the gemstone the benefits are greatly reduced or eliminated completely.
The fancier techniques of crystal healing, however, are not so simple as donning a fancy necklace but rather seeking a crystal healer who will work with the gemstones in the context of your chakras. The "healer" may also arrange the crystals around the body in order to create an "energy grid" which then surrounds the subject with "healing energy."
So what is all this healing energy supposed to do? (Besides nothing, we'll be there in a moment). Crystal healing claims to remove blockages in your aura (uh-huh), as well as in the body's electromagnetic field (right). Some practitioners use laser quartz wands which may be used to perform "psychic surgery" (oh yes, it exists). One crystal healer lists her personal experience on her website (where she also sells her services and gemstones) and claims that these therapies have energized and healed her; from breaking bad habits, to healing dog bites, she claims they have changed her life. To see a list of many gemstones and their therapeutic properties click here.
There is evidence that crystal healing or at least the belief in the power of gemstones has existed for quite some time in several cultures, such as the Hopi Indians, the Hawaiian islanders, the Egyptians and Chinese (both fond of Jade) and Asians drawn to the emerald. We often see that these bogus therapies are promoted because of their Eastern histories or how "ancient" they are, the same holds true for crystal healing which also has ties to other occult medicines such as Chakra therapy. Much of the "results" are deduced to be the placebo effect, and nothing more. In fact, studies down with both real and fake quartz crystals showed no difference in results.
An interesting tidbit; Marcel Vogel, former IBM research scientist, is a proponent of this jargon claiming, "The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. With proper training, a healer using a crystal can release negative thoughtforms which have taken shape as disease patterns." Whatever you say, Marc.
So now, what do you think about this video and its claims? (If it works, *fingers crossed*).


  1. I have actually taken and recieved credit for a class in Meditation here at school. Now alot of what we learned and practiced in class dealt with Chakras and special places within your body that heal you. There are supposed to be 7 that go from your butt bone to the top of your head.
    We spent an entire semester using differnt meditation techniques, talked about chakras, and practiced all of them every time we met. We were required to keep daily journals of our mystical experiences and talk about how the practice of meditation has affected our lives.
    Unfortunately for my teacher, she recieved alot of made up stuff about my experiences.(I didnt want an F!)But I do have to say that there were times where I did become very relaxed. I mean It could have had something to do with it being 8:30 in the morning and the lights were off and I was laying down for 20 min. but still it helped some. Dealing with the chakras was about picturing light at the place where the chakra was supposed to be and eventhough I did put effort into it I never could feel and blockage being moved....

  2. I recently participated in an experiment here at Stockton that dealt with meditation and how it affected creativity...I can't say the effect lasted very long, but I'll definitely admit to feeling relaxed and like it had changed my mood for the better. The guided meditation we listened to didn't deal with chakras though, it was more about being aware of any sensations you had or whatever, and being open to the experience.
    I do believe meditation has its benefits, but I think they're strictly in terms of mental health.