Monday, February 15, 2010

Cell phones causing cancer!?

You might have heard that electronic devices cause cancer or other health effect, in particular a cell phone. I don't know about anyone else but I never really put too much thought into it and continued to use my cell phone. Well it turns out that THIS ISN'T TRUE. In fact the risk of getting in a car accident while talking on a cell phone is greater than getting cancer from talking on it. I believe that, have you seen some of the people driving these days.
The reason that we are not at risk from cell phone use is because the frequency is so low. Not only is cancer not related but neither are any other health problems. The FDA even has laws that limit the amount of radio frequency a cell phone can give off; maybe that's why you can't get service sometimes.
If you don't believe that it does no harm to use, it doesn't even do harm to lab animals. The use of cell phones is not recommended for children, HOWEVER, there is still now cancer or health problems that have ever been related. Now we can all rest assured that we can use our cell phones as much as we want without any health risks. Driving however, watch out!

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