Monday, February 15, 2010

Do Toads Give You Warts

Like others, as a kid I would always pick up and explore everything in my backyard. But the one thing I was always warned never to touch were toads. We can all remember back as kids when our mothers would warn us about toads and warts and how if we were to pick these little reptiles up we would get bumps all over our hands. Some of us probably even seen some friends with warts and asked the question if they played with toads, but do they truly cause warts?????

If not what could be the cause????

The true answer is they do not cause warts. Warts are caused through viruses which we can contracted through any surface on our skin. These viruses can cause an increase in blood vessels to accumulate and raise the infected area causing that puffiness which we call warts. You can get these infections anywhere but most common are public areas such as public waiting areas, locker-rooms, and rest rooms. Most kids can catch these viruses due to low and developing immune systems and since being a kid you do everything possible to get dirty it raises the risk of these infections.

So next time your around a toad and curious..... pick him up

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