Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full Moon

When I was younger my grandmother would always tell me to be careful when a full moon was out. Werewolf movies helped to reinforce what my grandmother said because they help put the idea in my head that there was a link between human behavior and the moon. It wasn’t till I got older that I realized that strange things happening had nothing to do with the moon

Why do so, many people think that a full moon has to do with bad things happening? People like to link such things as murders, suicides and car accidents with a full moon. If the human body is mostly water shouldn’t a full moon affect humans? No because water in people is bounded and the moon only affects unbounded water. Just like many of the myths that we have talk about in class this myth has no scientific evidence to back it up. When something strange happens when a full moon is out people are more likely to beware of that the moon then they are if something strange happens when a full moon is not out.

The media has a tendency to reinforce this myth by reporting strange things that have happen during a full moon. Also many movies have been made about people Turing into werewolf’s during a full moon, perhaps people tend to believe that the moon affects human behavior because we see the moon affecting human behavior so, much in the media. Perhaps people believe this myth is true because they are told it is true at a young age. A full moon might not affect human behavior like I once thought, but I still like to watch the werewolf movies

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