Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bermuda Triangle

For as long as I can remember, I've heard about the Bermuda Triangle. If anyone dared enter this place, they'd disappear and would never be found. How can we find out if it's real if anyone who goes there is gone forever? When documented, some explanations are very far fetched and they don't take into account any other factors which can prove the theory wrong.

Supposedly, all the triangle talk started with some magazine articles and books. When everyone reads things like this, no one questions it and people just believe it. When this happens, often times many theories and justifications flourish. Some include the lost city of Atlantis and UFO's. Stories about disappearances started to come out of the woodwork, ensuring this Bermuda Triangle [possible] myth wouldn't die. There are a bunch, so here's a link.

Are there any actual explanations to prove that the Bermuda Triangle doesn't exist? According to the HowStuffWorks website, often abnormalities are due to "human and environmental error". These include:
  1. Water weather. Apparently this area is prone to quick passing storms which can be treacherous for people passing by and never show up on a scanner.
  2. Scientists have seen that the sea floor around this area is also very inconsistent and deep. It's likely these missing vessels sunk so low that no one could possibly know if they were even down there.
  3. Methane gas. This gas can get trapped underwater and on the sea floor. If the gas were to escape, it can sink a ship and cover it up with sand as well, as if it were never there.
  4. As silly as this one sounds, pirates may also be at fault for hijacking travelers.
It seems there are scientists and researchers trying to disprove this old story of the Bermuda Triangle. As our technology advances, it's very possible we will find out that there is nothing to be afraid of when traveling near the Bahamas. I think many people like to encourage rumors instead of trying to prove them false, so at any hint of justification, they'll latch on. Is the Bermuda Triangle real? I'm going to say it's more for entertainment. If you're interested, here is a video.

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