Monday, February 15, 2010

Pseudoscience and Supplements

Over the last few years the F.D.A. has been increasingly cracking down on the supplement industry. Most people would assume that this is for "spiking" non-anabolic substances with steroids, pro-steroids or pro-hormones. Surprisingly, the supplement did not need to "spike" any of their products. They found loopholes in which active compounds were sold and labeled exactly what they were. Some of these compounds were more anabolic than prescription grade- controlled steroids.
Now, following a recent ban I find it quite humorous to see the names given to new products. These products have zero anabolic activity yet contain key words like "drol, test, diol, or tren." All being related to illegally obtained steroids or recently banned pro-steroids that actually yield anabolic activity. Why would the companies do this? Its simple- people assume if its name is similar to the real deal then it must contain something worth while. It is deception at its finest. Some companies go far enough to place their product in what looks like a pharmacy pill bottle.
Most of the substances that claim to have an "anabolic matrix" are simply tribulus. An herb that at most will minimally increase free levels of testosterone in older men. Will that pack on the 15 pounds of muscle they may claim? No chance.
In closing, the same can be said about the diet end of supplement companies. When something is actually based on science and it is taken away, pseudoscience steps in and profits off a few unlucky suckers.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Joe. Diet supplement companies are notorious for their misleading labels. I recently viewed a documentary for another class about the topic of steroids. They mentioned how diet and exercise supplements are typically not monitored or tested by the FDA, and therefore have very few limitations regarding ingredients and labels. This has a lot to do with the supplement industry based in Utah and politicians there who signed bills which traded safety for profit. This is very scary for most people to think about, and especially those health conscious individuals who often take supplements to assist with their diet and exercise. Who knows what we are ingesting!?

  2. I agree with Kaitlin, its funny to think that it takes years upon years to get any kind of pharmaceutical drug to market, but quite simple for brand new nutrition companies to develop mirical supplements that do wonders for your body. The way they go about marketing them is just as shady, they hire pro body builders to endorse supplements they don't take, and when Joe six pack see this, he thinks that this supplement is the secret to have a godly physique. But the truth behind a great body is hard work, consistency, a good diet and proper form, Unfortunately most guys don't understand the bodies on the guys they see in muscle mags are steroid infused. A naturally built body and any real gains will be through hard work and wont be quick.

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