Saturday, February 27, 2010

It goes to 11...not 666

By: Robert Haviland

In households across the world parents have said things like, "Turn that crap off!" or "Can't you listen to real music?" Various religious groups have touted the music of youth time and time again as instrumets of the devil himself, most noteable being, Rock 'N Roll. Rock bands from the world over have responded to this accusation of heresy to the kingdom of Christendom with lyrics that would make even those with the strongest of faith shutter in fear of the dark lord some bands seem to worship. Who is right? Tenacious D sings that, "Rock is not the devil's work. It's Magical and Rad." Yet we have all heard about Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil, thus spawning the birth of the Blues.

Perhaps the best place to decide if Rock is indeed the work of the devil, would be the of course within, The Bible. While the bible does not specifically state in any way the words; Rock N Roll, Rock and Roll, Rock Music or any synonim therof, there are many chapters that organisations such as Bible Truths will say eludes to and refrences rock music and it's debaucharous ways. However in no way does that make the end all and be all of this case.

I think however that it is more of a catylist to open people up to a world that seems to be filled with sin, after all they don't say "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll" for nothing. While Rock Music does tend to include reigns of blood and highways to hell. I don't see the devil shredding licks on a Gibson. Yet apparently Satan and can take many forms, so who knows? If Satan is hiding among us using Rock and Roll as his tool for domination. I'd say he's Dio.


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  2. I am glad someone did an article on this subject. throughout the decades this music has had a bad name, but the truth of the matter is anyone who truly listens to this blessed music known as Metal will understand that it tells a story. My assumption is that older generations are not used to an over-driven/distorted guitar in there music, and are naturally afraid to accept its contribution to the world. The style of clothing attributed to metal through the ages definitely hasn't helped its image either but that shouldn't matter to someone who understands its part of the stage presence and the musicians don't dress that way all the time. The world must eventually accept this style for what it really is, a technically complex form of music that very few have the talent to be proficient at. Most artists today don't have the talent that Zakk wylde, Sinister gates, or Kirk Hammet have in there ring finger (PROVE ME WRONG). But ultimately it comes down to taste, some people cant handle dark and brutal. So if anyone tells you metal is Satan's music, tell um Charles Manson liked the beetles.