Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Vampires have sharp fangs and drink human blood. The only way to kill them is by stabbing them in the heart, wearing garlic, or burning them. They can turn into bats to sneak away and can't go out in the sun. There's millions of books, movies, tv shows, etc. with different type of vampires and as a society we seem to be a little obsessed with vampires. Through the movies twilights millions fell in love with a vampires. The idea of vampires actually originated in Europe. People were uneducated about death and disease back then. A decomposed body somebody tends to make the teeth and nails look longer and a dark fluid can leak out of the mouth which was mistook for blood. So people believed that the dead would come alive and drink the blood of the living. There was a vampire panic where people would kill and burn suspected vampires. This evolved into the vampire we know and fear today. There are even people who consider themselves vampires now and make modifications to their body and drink animal blood. I'm more scared of those people I think.


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  1. Ashley,

    Growing up, I remember hearing about vampires and even going into my teenage years, it was booming in the entertainment industry. I personally have not done much research on this mystical creature, however, I thought you made an interesting statement and observation regarding how people have been influenced by the idea of this folklore and have even consider themselves to be vampires by drinking animal blood. Do you think there are real human vampires or just regular people who are just reflect these dark behaviors and practices?