Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Post 3: Laundry Balls

The laundry ball is a new product advertised as an alternative to regular detergent. It is often advertised on those telemarketing TV channels. Although there are many different types of laundry balls, their makers typically claim that they can clean clothes just as well as detergent, don't use any harmful chemicals, don't need hot water, and are reusable. Some types of laundry balls, like the infrared and magnetic version, advertise additional claims about softening the water, cleaning the water pipes, changing pH and breaking molecule clusters.

One of the numerous examples would be the "Wellos Laundry Washing Ball". The "Wellos ECO Health product" website sells and advertises this product. The washing principle is described in detail:

"The powerful far-infrared rays from the WELLOS LAUNDRY WASHING BALL break water molecule's hydrogen-combinations into small clusters and force the small water cluster being activated to increase it's molecular motions, penetration force, and washing power. And it radiates negative ions to weaken the surface and inter fabric adhesion so that the dirt can come off easily without any detergent."

Another similar product, the True Green-Laundry Washing Ball focuses on its use of magnets:

"Powerful magnets - activate water clusters, softens the water and minimizes the size of the water molecule which helps with scale and rust removal of the washing machine and pipes."

Obviously these claims are nonsense. Many people however report that these laundry balls do clean clothes. The effect is likely achieved by water. A study shows that laundry balls did not have a better cleaning affect than washing clothes in just water.

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