Friday, August 3, 2018

Post 2: Holistic Healing

When you have a fever or a sore throat your first instinct will usually be to schedule an appointment with your family doctor. You will typically spend 15 minutes on the phone making the appointment (including time spent being placed on hold), 40 minutes in the waiting room (including time spent filling out paperwork with information they should already have), and another 10 minutes sitting in a small cold exam room waiting for the doctor. Finally, the doctor comes in and doesn’t spend much more than 5 minutes diagnosing you and writing you a prescription for whatever ailment you have.

In many other countries there are other routes taken to heal any ailments and illnesses. My mom is a yoga and fitness instructor, who has always been a full believer in holistic healing. Instead of running to the drugstore to pick up cold remedies or cough drops, she was making us Cold-Buster smoothies and homemade Emergen-C. I won’t lie, most of the time her remedies and recipes did help us get better, but it wasn’t always all healing. Of course, when we got chicken pox and the occasional flu, we went to the doctor and prescription medications were necessary to help us get better.

A few years ago I was having extreme pain in my hips and knees and no doctor could figure out why a seemingly healthy 26 year old was experiencing pain when nothing was showing up in my bloodwork or on any body scans. I finally met with a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, the invisible disease, caused mainly by stress to the body. This doctor told me I had two options that could help me with the pain. Option 1 consisted of monthly painblocker/steroid shots in the affected areas along with prescription pain medication for the rest of my life. Option 2, which he highly recommended, consisted of yoga, meditation, and rife treatment sessions. I went with option 2 because I knew that it was worth trying something holistic first, before I went with such a drastic option putting me on painkillers for the rest of my life.
I started taking more of my mom’s yoga classes and meditating at home. At first, I wasn’t seeing results because my pain was holding me back from relaxing. My last attempt to relieve my pain was to have treatments with a rife machine. This type of healing is done with a machine that moves electromagnetic frequencies in your body to heal many different illnesses and diseases. They input specific channel numbers for different illnesses and you hold metal bars in your hands and have your feet placed flat on metal plates. I was convinced I might be electrocuted during my first session but I only felt a tingly, pins and needles type of sensation throughout my body. Each session after that I felt less of the tingly sensation, and less pain. It was definitely a slow process over 3 months but one day I woke up and made it through the entire day before I realized I hadn’t been in pain at all the whole day. Once the pain subsided I was able to have more of a focus on the doctor’s suggestion of yoga and meditation. It has been over a year now and with a combination of yoga, meditation, and the rife treatment, I have been pain free. Holistic healing might not work for everyone but it seems like a combination of different holistic healing methods has worked for me.

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