Thursday, August 2, 2018

Reincarnation: Past Life Recollection

    Throughout my years growing up, I started to become a spiritual person rather than a religious person. While I do have a belief that there is some God---some Creator, I cannot help but question the afterlife and the purpose of our lives. Can there be a possibility that after we live our lives, we can be "reborn" and live another life, but still have recollection of our "past life"? I was on YouTube and my favorite YouTuber, Kendal Rae did a fascinating video on a boy who claimed to have once been a fighter pilot in World War II.

    Born in 1998, James Leininger claims to have been reincarnated from a World War II veteran, James M. Houston, Jr. From the age of two Leininger experienced night terrors that occurred four to six nights a week. The terrors were the same---his plane flew off from a ship that carried aircraft and then crashed...he was burned alive. Interestingly enough, Leininger knew very specific details of the plane crash and his parents said that he was mesmerized by aircraft  during the World War II era. Even more mind-blowing Leininger always signed his pictures as "James 3' because he claimed that he was the third James. Perplexed his parents decided to look into this information provided by their son and discovered that during World War II, there was indeed a pilot whose plane crashed in the same way as their son described in his night terrors. The pilot was named James M. Houston, Jr. Not only did Leininger got this information correct but he also knew comrades of Houston and even knew specific facts about Houston's family members.

      Eventually, Leininger and his family decided to visit the crash sight of Houston and Leininger was overcome by emotion of sorrow and in a strange way, a sense of relief. Leininger's reincarnation story is a prime example of pseudoscience--the war of faith vs. science.


  1. I have read about and watched the documentary on Leininger before! His story is very interesting and truly made me believe in reincarnation. I find reincarnation stories so interesting and find myself wondering if I was someone else in a pass life. We've all experienced Deja Vu before is that truly us remembering a bit of our past life or just some weird human glitch. Is reincarnation just humans way of having hope to do better in another life? If its true why do some individuals remember so vividly and others not at all? Questions that can never be answered but such an interesting topic to ponder!

  2. Kaela,

    After reading your post, I was interested in further reading more about Leininger and the family's investigation. In a 2013 clip, James Leininger made a statement that reincarnation can be the source of what seems like innate knowledge. I think its facinating how he recalled his past life memories because children usually lose their abilities to remember past life memories by the age of seven.