Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Post 1 Jersey Devil

Being born and raised in Southern Jersey, I had always heard about a mythical creature from my childhood friends and even adults. The Jersey Devil originated with a person name Jane Leeds. She was also well known as Mother Leeds who had twelve children. After finding out she was pregnant with another child, she claimed that the child would be the Devil. Throughout history, this tale has been passed on and there have even been claims of seeing the Jersey Devil. Local farmers have seen the Devil hunting their livestock and there have also been reporting of tracks and screams. Despite living in South Jersey for most of my life and not having seen any abnormal creatures like the Jersey Devil, I still wonder if it lurks around the thick and puzzling forests of the Pine Barrens when no one is looking. I think many people outside of New Jersey may not know of this story so I definitely think its stunning how many residences here still believe in this historical folktale.

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