Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Ever since I have moved into my current home I have felt strange when I am alone. I have felt Like I was being watched and occasionally I would see flashes of light that come from no where and I would sometimes see figures moving in the darkness with no one there. Whenever I tell someone about what I have seen they almost always make a similar claim later that night. I believe that I have been unintentionally confirming their bias on ghosts. This also has put it on their radar and they may be simply imagining things due to the suggestion of the presence of ghosts.

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  1. I have also experienced something like this in my current home as well. I am not sure how to explain it but sometimes at night we here a clicking noise coming from the attic and at first we thought it was something with the air conditioning and even had some one come out to look at it. The repair man gave us the ok but we still here the noise every once and awhile we would see like little tiny balls of dim light briefly appear and then disappear.