Sunday, August 5, 2018

Think about it

The first lecture deals with ways of thinking. Immediately reading that title I thought to my self "Ways of thinking"? how can one even decide the way that some one thinks and classify it ? After reading the three ways of thinking I tried to classify my self in to one of the categories that I read about and actually found it very difficult to classify my self into one of the categories . To me thinking has always been natural so trying to categorize it into a set way just seemed abstract. I do feel like that I always seem to think about things to my self and try to analyze the whole situation before actually speaking out loud. For other people I feel like its many factors that play into how they think. Some tragedies I think can greatly effect the way that people think. For instance a traumatic event involving guns could change the way some one thinks about that subject either pro gun or a supporter of guns being banned. I attached a interesting article that discusses this a little more.

Link for article:

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