Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Jersey Devil

Ever since I was a young boy I had a infatuation with the jersey devil. I knew that the mysterious creature was thought to have lived in the Pine lands area of south jersey and not in the Monmouth county area that i grew up in. Still in my elementary school age years I would spend many summer nights out in the woods surrounding my neighborhood with my friends searching for the creature.The jersey devil . The story goes that Leeds mother was pregnant again with her third child. She was not well off by any means and her husband was not helping with his part in raising any of the kids. With this frustration she raised her hands up to the sky and said " let this one be a devil". A few months pass by and her curse is well forgotten when one stormy night she ends up giving birth to the thirteenth child. By every account the mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy , but with in minutes the child started to transform into a creature that nobody could recognize. The creature sprouted wings and made its exit through the chimney of the Leeds home. This legend has always peeked my interest and part of me always wonders if there really is a jersey devil still inhabiting the pine barrens.

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