Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weird Objects on Mars

        We have sent many rovers and satellites to the mysterious "Red Planet" and NASA has been trying to get a better understanding on the planet conditions and its history. While observing rock formations and landscapes of the planet, some of our cameras have picked up some pretty strange objects. From the notorious "face on Mars" and other photos that show what looks to be a women statue or even a thigh bone on the surface. When looking at some of the photos they do look a little strange but people took these sightings as remains of aliens or possible aliens living on Mars today. 
        However, most, if  not all of these weird objects have been either explained or debunked. Some of the pictures like the "face on mars" are simply weird rock formations according to NASA. Other controversial pictures like the women statue are simply optical illusions or the photo was taken at the precise angle for it to look like something that it is not. 

see captionWoman On Mars-
The Mars rover, Spirit, snapped a photo of this strange object on Mars back in 2008. It became famously known as The Woman On Mars. (What do you think?) It could be just a strange rock formation, it could actually be a living creature, but I strongly think it looks like an ancient alien statue! Something like the Morlocks had in the 1960 Time Machine movie. Of course that was a movie. 

BUT in REAL LIFE, Mars Curiosity discovered something pretty exciting. Here is a quote from JPL : “The mission already has found an ancient riverbed on the Red Planet, and there is every expectation for remarkable discoveries still to come,” JPL officials wrote. !!!

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