Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gef the Talking Mongoose

During the 1930’s, the Irving family of the Isle of Man reported strange occurrences. They started to hear a voice inside the walls of their house. The voice claimed it was a mongoose from India named Gef that was born in 1852. Gef would often give dead rabbits to the Irving family and converse with them. He would also sing song for the family. Gef had a temper and once exclaimed to Mr. Irving when he was taking too long to read the newspaper, “Read it out, you fat-headed gnome!” In 1947, the new owner of the house captured and killed an animal that resembled the description of Gef.
Psychic researcher Harry Price investigated the Irving house and found no evidence of a talking mongoose. Gef’s hair and paw prints he provided Price matched those of a dog. Most likely, Gef the mongoose was a hoax the Irving family played on the public.

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