Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thought Field Therapy

After the U.S. Embassy was bombed, Dr. Jenny Edwards went to the hospital to help with the people injured in the bombing. She performed Through Field Therapy (TFT) on some of these people to help with their pain and trauma. TFT involves tapping various parts of the body in a specific sequence. Dr. Jenny Edwards claims that a woman who was just staring into space with her arm bandaged and her hand limp, after TFT her pain and trauma were gone, her color came back to her face, she was moving her hand, and she was smiling and laughing. TFT is often used to help with weight loss, stress relief, and the relief of anxiety and trauma. The idea came from Dr. Roger Callahan and the techniques of acupuncture. Although TFT may seem like a miracle, there is no scientific evidence to prove its success and is based off of unsupported and discredited theories of Chinese philosophy and Kinesiology. Although many people still offer training corses in TFT, a substantial amount of research still needs to be done in order to be taken seriously in the scientific community.

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