Thursday, December 3, 2015

On August 2015, John Oliver released an episode in which he debunked the horrendous tele- 

evangelistic movement. Televangelists are defined as  Christian ministers, whether official or self-

proclaimed, who devote a large portion of their ministry to television broadcasting. These "pastors of 

God" make a living based on the donations of their fan base. Televangelists use a technique called 

"prosperity gospel" The prosperity gospel preaches that it you give wealth God he will return the 

favor in full. These money seeking pseudo holy men preach that if you give them money and "plant

 your seed" God will reward you. While it seems as if any sane person can see these televangelists 

are full of malarkey,  many vulnerable people donate to these pastors in the belief that their donation 

will somehow cure their cancer. This was the case for the now deceased Bonnie Parker who refused 

cancer treatment because Televangelist Gloria Copeland preaches that faith( and your money of 

course) is the only true healer and that getting actual medical help isn't necessary. The tragic thing 

about this is these televangelists are making millions of dollars over these desperate individuals who 

are giving money to these greedy sadistic preachers instead of actually getting medical treatment.

John Oliver Televangelist Rant
By Angelisa Diveny 

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