Monday, December 14, 2015

Flat Earth?

Growing up knowing that the earth is round, it would be pretty difficult to be convinced that it's actually flat. Also, it's not flat so no one in their right mind would believe that. However, there are still people who believe that it is. Known as the Flat Earth Society, this group is dedicated to promoting Rowbotham's ideas (that the earth is flat) and try to convince skeptics to join their side. They believe that the earth is a flat, disc-shaped planet that accelerates upward, producing the illusion of gravity, They also refuse to accept obvious evidence like actual photos of earth from space.

This group is questioned by many skeptics, but they always seem to have a rebuttal to every argument thrown their way. But, there are so many ways to prove that it is round. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth places a shadow on the Moon's surface, and it is oval-shaped. Another way is that when you're looking at a ship out on the horizon, it doesn't just appear out of the horizon, but it looks as if it's emerging from beneath the waves. Also, while moving away from the equator, one sees different constellations. Next, shadows from still objects move as time passes. Another piece of evidence would be time zones existence. Lastly, photos of earth from space is the most convincing piece of evidence that we have to prove that the earth is most definitely not flat.

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  1. One time in my physics class in high school, I had to debate that the Earth was flat! (clearly it is not, but it was fun to try to convince people that.) It's crazy how some people really think that it is flat! haha! Love your blog post.