Monday, December 14, 2015

The Yeti

          There has been large controversy over odd creatures that lurk the woods, hills, and even the snowy Himalayas. A "Bigfoot" like creature that is about 6 ft tall and upwards of 500 pounds. A mysterious muscular, bipedal creature that resembles an "Ape-man". This can be referred to as the yeti, or the abominable snowman. This is just another example of cryptozoology which is the study of "hidden animals". Since the early 1900's there have been many sightings of hikers and mountain climbers that claim to have seen a yeti or had found evidence claiming its existence. Although there have been captured images of this so called yeti and abnormal footprints documented there has been no clear evidence to prove the yeti's existence. One hiker claims to have found a yeti scalp back in 1960 but that was quickly stomped when the scalp was quickly identified as the scalp of a serow, an animal in the Himalayas similar to a goat. Another man claims to have found a yeti finger in a monastery in Nepal. It simply ended up being a human finger of the corpse of a monk. All evidence that seems to show up, ends up getting debunked.

          Despite the lack of real evidence, There is still a strong group of believers. In 2011, the Russian government sent people to search for the yeti. They only came up with evidence that was later found out to be hoaxed. Also, in Walt Disney World there is an entire attraction based around the yeti and its existence. They even have what is claimed to be a yeti footprint on display while you wait in line to go on the ride. Most likely, people are mistaking this so called yeti for a Himalayan brown bear which are common in the area.


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