Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Magic and Religion

One type of magic is positive magic, also called sorcery, aims to bring about desirable events. Another type of magic is negative magic, also called taboo, aims to avoid unwanted ends. Homeopathic magic is the belief that "like produces like" and commonly involved the use of voodoo dolls. Magic and religion are often considered to me similar things. The difference is that magic is spells and rituals aimed directly at a specific end, and prayer involves the persuasion if an intermediate figure. Religion is centered around sacred things, which are things held to higher regards and rites are rules of conduct in respect to sacred things. Magic and religion have similar and rites elements. Religion serves a group and magic serves an individual, but religion also has individual prayer as well as group prayer. Magic is for future events and religion is for a current crisis. Rituals for death, birth, coming of age, and marriage create emotional standards and bring a community together. Lastly, magic is seen in old religion in holy water and food, chalice, dirt of church, and key to church.

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